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How Dare You be Offended At the Offensive! Right?


I think there’s some thing in the air or a bug manifested in the flood waters. Seems being outspoken is not something a certain fraction of our society, (lets call them Godayas for kicks) approve of for women. I was even told you shouldn’t be raising your voice, people look down on you for doing that! Like what? *insert a lol emoji of choosing*

In these godayas’ minds the logic is that any form of offense or how offended they are can be put into a meme and that’s freedom of speech, while speaking one’s mind freely against that is categorised as, “OH MY GOD SHE’S OFFENDED AT EVERYTHING, THESE FEMINAZIS!”

God Forbid should they question cultural norms! How dare they!

So let me get one thing straight, it is definitely ok to request to rape on a meme, it is definitely ok to use a child and call the child a hoe in a meme but definitely NOT ok being offended at it? Also it is an absolute no no to report such a meme! Right, got it!

I must be getting old!

Battling misogyny, misandry and bigotry isn’t a new thing in our  beautiful country. Nor is the cowardly backstabbing from hidden places than facing your differences with individuals directly. In fact when you approach them directly all that gall fades away and turns into nothing. This is the known truth and frankly most of us are over it already.


However the hardest pill to swallow is the women bringing other women down or enabling the misogyny even calling anyone who is offended at the misogyny feminazis. Irony is most of these ladies have at some point been offended of memes themselves of harassment of women or suffered at another girl’s hand trying to bring them down. Further they claim to prefer actually working to help those in need and when invited to join helping us with helping the marginalized, doesn’t really want to do that either. You know who you are!

I don’t get it, why be offended at being harassed in one meme and then go and enable harassment of another on different meme? Pick a side won’t you?

Speaking of sides, we also have many sitting on that proverbial fence, not doing anything to prevent it, but watching, liking and commenting quips. Like they watch standing on a  side while women get harassed on the street, doing nothing to intervene! It doesn’t affect you unless it is someone of yours hey?

You know what though? Us outspoken women that you think ought to shut up, will come and defend when one of yours fall and you will find the rest of your fence buddies, still on the fence, no longer your buddies and still doing nothing.

For that one girl who said, “I don’t see how “Goday” represents a group of unintelligent or unrefined people. I just think it reflects you as a human being if you think that actually is true”. Sweety, this is how!


In the case of the aversion to feminism and obsession with shit feminists say, I have asked time and time again how feminism represent something that creates such a phobia to it that you must use the word “Feminazi” also referred to as “Feminist 2.0”

The answers I get are the following (Feel free to add had I missed anything)

1. You are an SJW why are you wasting time online when there’s actual work you can do to help the community .

Well did you bother checking if we did or not?

2. You are a privileged high class person who have no idea of us bus traveling middle class people and struggles. Only know to fight online.

Actually we were busy working with women who are the bread winners of the family that ‘walks’ 5 miles to get to handloom factories on micro finance to self earn. We are busy organizing emergency rescues. We are busy working on legalities to bring actual justice to sexual abuse and domestic violence victims. Frankly, we are too busy trying to make it safer for entitled folks like you and women in your family to travel safely in that bus by creating conversation on street harassment.

3. Feminists are a joke because because they are more interested in parading nude and growing their armpit hair to make a statement.

Some women find it liberating to disrobe while others find empowerment in modesty. You live in a country where women walking around bare chests with just jewelry represented their aristocracy until we were colonialized and Victorianism were introduced. Are you still worshipping the Western ways then? You live in a country where everyone made a mockery of the president because he was offended at the “bra gate”.  Are you now agreeing with My3 that he was right to be offended? What is this hypocrisy? Live and let live is not a feminist concept. Nor is the concept of nudity. We have nudists’ beaches in Sri Lanka for heavens sake. If you don’t like it don’t worry about it. We don’t judge you for enjoying porn if you must. Emma Watson posed nude didn’t she? In your opinion she too is a feminazi?

4. Last but not the least, all feminists do is man hate.

First of all the exact definition of feminism in the Oxford dictionary is: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Women hardly have rights. The voting in Sri Lanka for women only passed through in 1931. We haven’t even been allowed to vote for a 100 years at least and don’t t get me started on the lack of human rights. Rights mothers don’t have for their own children etc.  Therefore anyone who does anything that is in search of superiority over men, is not feminism. It’s SEXISM! Don’t identify one with the other.


You don’t bother finding out the reality, instead you enjoy gobbling down the sensationalist stories because its easier to hate, than literally researching what MOST feminists do. Easy to conform and be sheep to patriarchal method oppression and have us feminists quiet and obedient.

The word available as the translation for Feminism in  Sinhala vocabulary is “ස්ත්‍රීවාදී ව්‍යාපාරය”(Sthreevaadee Vyapaaraya). So I see and understand the confusion among a lot of you because those who put down feminism take it straight out of what you’ve heard from our mother tongue and didn’t really bother looking up what that is. Because if we were translate to translate that word directly to English, it would be: “The Business of Misandry”. I guess your misreading of feminism is the fault of the person who translated it. I am willing to bet my socks it was a man who came up with it at the expense of being borderline sexist.


So while you were criticizing about feminist SJWs and feminists as a whole on being vocal on social media;

  • There were 10,000+ reported child abuse of which 2000+ were sexual harassments, 3000+ were of grave cruelty and 50+ cases of sexual exploitation.
  • Statutory Rape cases (victims are under the age of 16) risen up to 1600.
  • One woman is raped every 90 minutes and out of 300,000 cases only 600 get remanded every year.

MP Rosy Senanayake as the State minister in 2014

Force Feeding a Suffragette

So yes, just keep doing the pondering away of the dark humor in offense memes, and we will still keep raising our voices. You know why? Suffragettes were imprisoned and tortured to death for campaigning for voting rights. We can handle being verbally abused to be the voice for the under privileged and the marginalized who will not have a voice and whose voice you will never care to hear.

I have a voice, albeit condescending at times. But I know you hear it!

– jessiefer





Essentially an empath striving to be a better poet. Trying to make it on my own as working to build someone else's dream frustrates me knowing that I can spend that time for me. I dare to say the things I want no matter how stigmatised the topic maybe if it resonates with me deeply.

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