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Your Momma Jokes, in the name of Racism

On days like today, where many people try to get through to me to get more info on disaster relief I check all my social media channels. One such check is checking the message requests on my Messenger.

Among the dozens of people who were concerned on how to help, was this one lonely message so eloquently written. Hiding behind an obvious fake profile with a cover pic of a Buddha statue no less.


This comes right after I decided to set one of my posts, where I’ve called a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a terrorist. I publicised the post as I mentioned there as well, because I had to unfriend an ignorant person from my friends list refusing to indulge him in his race bait conversation in the midst of more important matters to deal with; and he could go on ranting still not being on my friend list.
If this is the class that represents the populace that defends the terrorist to be a non-terrorist, I can understand why they seem to think setting buildings on fire is not terrorism.
They also seem to think by pointing their finger at others, what their extremism does becomes better. Don’t be the පරාල ඇණේ in your eye that only sees the අල්පෙනෙත්ත in the others’ eye.
So I have two sayings that I find are most relevant and surprise, surprise; have Buddhist references to as well.
1. Be the Change you wish to see in the world
Attànam eva pañhamam
patãrupe nivesaye
Ath’aññam anusàseyya
na kilisseyya paudito
      – Dhammapada
2. Violence begets violence
Dura balanna Langa nobalanna
Wairayen wairaya nosansinde
So what are you trying to protect with your extremisms and which is most important? Buddhism or being Sinhalese?
                                                 – jessiefer


Essentially an empath striving to be a better poet. Trying to make it on my own as working to build someone else's dream frustrates me knowing that I can spend that time for me. I dare to say the things I want no matter how stigmatised the topic maybe if it resonates with me deeply.

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