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The Leak Factor 2017

premarital-sex-not funny

So a sex tape was leaked of a famous man and his wife in bed and the whole island is losing their shit!

News flash! Married couples do these things that’s how you and I are born. Any couple has the right to as long as they are of age of consent. If you are one of those people who are watching this and sharing it knowing the people involved giving the excuse of it being freely available, here are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Your parents or married siblings sleep in the house as you. If their door is unlocked during their consummation, do you peep in? Do you call your friends and neighbours to share in the peep show? After all it is freely accessible viewership for you.
  2. While you are busy making memes about the leak, did you even attempt to crucify or find out whomever that leaked the video?
  3. Did you forget that we still live in Sri Lanka where 2 inches above a girl’s knee is enough for some men to go fapping on the streets. This video will brand her a slut, regardless of the fact that she is married to the man. (I mean, for a country that tops the online Sex search list consecutively for the last few years; you’d think they’d have lost the novelty of it.)

In hindsight if this was leaked on purpose by the couple involved (highly unlikely), everyone sharing the video or any information, posts or tweets only add fuel to their agenda.

Basically the options you need to consider are either don’t share or don’t share! Albeit a fantasy I know, but a girl can hope.


– jessiefer



Essentially an empath striving to be a better poet. Trying to make it on my own as working to build someone else's dream frustrates me knowing that I can spend that time for me. I dare to say the things I want no matter how stigmatised the topic maybe if it resonates with me deeply.

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