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Vesak Letter to the Pretend Devouts & Chathu Alahakoon


Vesak being the religious holiday (Holy Day) to Buddhists also means that it is the day when the “Vesak Buddhists” come out from under the fabled rocks (Christians call that kind the Sunday Christians).

What is their purpose you ask? To appear holy and religious during that couple of days in the month! Although rest of the year they continue on doing whatever it is that the Panchaseela (5 principals of peaceful coexistence), Madyama Prathipada (The middle path) and the Aarya Ashtaanga Marga (The noble eightfold path), advise them to abstain from.

There are four Brahma Viharanas (four sublime states) that Buddha has counseled his followers to adhere to in order to get into the path of purification. Namely Meththa, Muditha, Karuna and Upekkha. These 4 Brahma Viharanas are also represented in the 4 Bo (Fig) leaves that are in our National flag. Suggesting that Buddhists of this nation are followers of these 4 sublime states. Question is why these ‘Vesak Buddhists’ cannot even adhere to the expected guidelines on that one day they decide to be (for the lack of a better word), pious?


Upekka – is to be unwavering or to stay neutral in the face of the eight vicissitudes of life, also known as the eight worldly winds or eight worldly conditions (Ashta Loka Dhamma) : loss and gain, good-repute and ill-repute, praise and censure, and sorrow and happiness. (thank you wikipedia 😉 )

Upekka being one of the least demonstrated state of mind among these ‘Vesak Buddhists’. Their functions during the Vesak Season;
1. Being offended at how something was said because it was disrespectful for no apparent reason.
2. Being offended at the shape, colour and placement of Vesak lanterns, Pandols, Bhakhthi Geetha.
3. Being Experts on interpreting Buddhism (though the last time they checked a buddhist text was for O/L exams)
4. Spending copious amount of money on fuel, taxis etc. to visit Dansal because that is a rite of passage and not a remnant of what dansal was supposed to represent originally: feeding the hungry and homeless.
4. Tooting their gosh darn Motorcycle horns while speeding and blocking the traffic for everyone.

1. There are people in Meethotamulla still homeless.
2. The stray cats and dogs get kicked out for sniffing around the Dansal saucepans.
3. Women getting physically harrassed in the streets among crowds going Vesak sight seeing.
4. Rubbish thrown around all over roads while sight seeing that will amount to another mountain of garbage.

Who will be offended at that?

Chathu Alahakoon, you inspired this. Your following post and your unrelenting dismissiveness on how you continued to reduce a mere snapchat filter used by Melissa Dharmadasa into some religious battle didn’t stop by you simply privately messaging her. You also posted that as a status (which you changed privacy of, following the negative comments you received), then posted it again in a completely different status of someone else. So the only disrespect I see is the one that you displayed for your own faith.

I am not perfect and I have made more errors in my judgement than anybody I know in life. Still bullying someone for a disrespect you claim it to be and one that you can’t even explain why is beyond even me.

Are you just another Keyboard Warrior full of insecurity and hate waiting to be shed on someone a little bit more successful than you are? Or will you put aside your petty ‘tit bit anger’ as you put it and be offended at the real stuff and do something about it?

P.S. Ms. Alahakoon, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it! Don’t go crying victim when your unwarranted ignorance was the only Chip Thrill here.



– jessiefer



Essentially an empath striving to be a better poet. Trying to make it on my own as working to build someone else's dream frustrates me knowing that I can spend that time for me. I dare to say the things I want no matter how stigmatised the topic maybe if it resonates with me deeply.

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